Mini Project 3


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Instruction 1: In a Composer page answer the following questions (pages 13-24).
  1.  Where do we put the JavaScripts? Explain the difference between a header and or a body script.  JavaScripts are put between the <head> and </head> tags (a header script) and between the <body> and </body> tags (a body script). 

What is the following? document. write("hello, world!")  It takes the document window and writes "Hello, world!" into it.

 3. Why do we hide scripts from the old browsers?  Old browsers do not understand JavaScript.

  4. What is the purpose of putting comments in scripts?  Comments in scripts provide an explaination to you or someone else of why you wrote the script in a particular reason and/or what the script does.

 5. What is the main purpose of alert dialog boxes?
  To provide feedback to people browing the site.

 6. What kind of statement is an alert code?  a method

 7. Write an alert statement indicating a warning.   alert("Code just downloaded to your computer - Your Data is Corrupted')

 8. What are the following symbols: */  Signify end of a comment

 9. Explain the following tag: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=" JAVASCRIPT" TYPE="TEXT/JAVASCRIPT">  This tells the browser to expect JavaScript instead of HTML and that the script is in plain text.

10. What are the HTML container tags that hold the Scripts?  <SCRIPT></SCRIPT>

Instruction 2: Using Composer and your book's site (its scripts), perform the following tasks:

1.  Write a page in Composer that presents a multiple choice mathematics problem.

 2.  Develop another page (file) that provides guided feedback ---  (try again) alert windows.

 3.  Construct another page that provides positive feedback and links the user to another math problem.

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