Mini Project 4


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Instruction 1: In a Composer page answer the following questions (pages 20-44).

 1. Explain the following statement: window.location="pepsi.html" It resets the location property of the current window to 'pepsi.html'.

 2. What do we mean by the term browser detection? Determining what browser the user has.

 3. Conditional statements have three parts. Name the parts. If, then, else

 4. In the if section, we do the test.

 5. In the then section, we place the code to perform if result of the test is true.

 6. In the else part, we place the code to perform if the result of the test is false.

 7. In the if-then statement, what are in the parentheses, and braces? The parentheses contain the contents of what is being tested in the if section.  The braces contain the contents of the other two sections.

 8. What is a loop in programming? A repetition of an action a specified number of times or until a conditional test inside the loops is met.

 9.  What is a counter? Where is it located usually? A variable that begins with one value and ends when a conditional test inside the loop is satisfied.  The counter is usually located inside the parentheses.

10. What are the values of a counter? numbers

11. What is the following script?  for(i=0; i<navigator.plugin.length; i++) { This script begins a loop that initializes the value of i to 0, checks to see if the number of plugins is greater than i, then increments the value of i by 1.

12. Explain the assignment i++. The value of i is incremented by 1

13. What is a function in JavaScript? A set of statements that perform a task.

14. A function can be invoked or called.

15. What is the following code? <input type="button" value="math" onClick="saySomething(good job )
" When the user clicks a button with the value 'math' the function 'saySomething' is called and 'good job' is passed into the message parameter.

16. What is saySomething in the above statement? The name of the function
Instruction 2: Using Composer and your book's site (its scripts), perform the following tasks:

 1.  Using JavaScript, write a page in Composer that presents three multiple choice questions.

 2.  Provide descriptive feedback.

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