Mini Project 7


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Instruction 1: In a Composer page answer the following questions (pages 81-91).

 1. To change the number of images in a slide show application, what parts of the script need to be modified? Add the image name to the existing list of the 'new Array' of the 'myPix' variable.

 2. What does the function processNext() do? It advances the images in the slideshow by first checking if the value of 'thisPic' is less than 'imgCt', and if so, by adding one to that value.

 3. How does the script 5.5 call the processNext() and processPrevious() functions when you click on the Next and Previous hyperlinks? When the hyperlink is clicked, the memory location of the function is accessed, and the code inside the function is executed. 

 4. In the script 5.5, myPix is a variable that defines a new array.

 5. Given the following function:                    
                  function processPrevious() {
                      if (document.images && thisPic > 0) {
    what will happen if the "document" understands images and 'thisPic' is greater than zero? thisPic is decreased in value by 1 after the function is processed.

Instruction 2: Using Composer and your book's site, perform the following tasks:

 1. Using script 5.5, create a slide show of four images.

 2. Change the name of the GIF files of the script.

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