Mini Project 10


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Instruction 1: In a Composer page answer the following questions (pages 132-133).

 1. We use new windows to show learners additional information.

      In script 7.1,
 2. What is pixel2.jpg? The image file referenced by the variable catWindow and the name of the image which is displayed in the new window.

 3. What catWindow? The variable which contains a new window object.

 4. What is newWindow? The function that contains the variable catWindow.

 5. Can you change it to dogWindow? The variable could be renamed, but if used in this exact function, it would not be named relevant to the image which is to be displayed.

 6. To open another window in the same page, what do you do. Explain in detail.
    (What changes do you make?)     
1) Define a function call newWindow().
2) In the function, define a variable which contains a new window object.  The window object should have the image, window title name, and size of the window in width and height defined in pixels.
3) In the link tag, tell the JavaScript to run the newWindow function when the link is clicked.

Instruction 2: Using Composer and your book's site, perform the following tasks:

 1. Using script 7.1, create an instructional page that opens two windows.

 2. Windows carry images and need to be different.

 3. You need to change the function names and the image files.

    See Result

 4. Use techniques for putting more than one script on a page provided by script 3.11, page 52.
     Challenge: Can we possibly use one of the functions for both feedback windows?

     See Result

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