Mini Project 19


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InstructionPerform the following PHP task -- Receiving data from a "Form" in PHP.  

    Type script 3.2. 
    Add another text input and change the look of submit button using an image.
    Add comments to the script specially regarding <form action="handle_form.php">.
    Save it as feedback.html.
    Type script 3.4.
    Add $email variable to it.
    Save it as handle_form.php.
    Make sure to save both motified scripts into the same directory.
    Using Apache server, run 3.2 script, input data, and print screen the feedback.

    Add a method to 3.2 script (view script 3.3), and a PHP ini with an error_reporting( ) function (view script 3.6) to script 3.4.
    Create an error in any of the scripts and run them again.
    Print screen the result.

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